Week 2 Activity- Plaster Casting


For this week, our activity was to make a plaster sculpture of your foot or hand.  I went to Seal Beach last Thursday and met up with Professor Glenn and some classmates to work on this activity together.  For this activity, the supplies you need are a bucket, shovel, stir stick, and plaster.

20150604_113429[1]           20150604_120242[1]

First, we dug a hole to make room for a hand or foot to put in.  Next, we used a bucket to get water and make the sand wet to put around the hand or foot to tuck it in.  Then, carefully take out the hand or foot so it won’t break the mold.  Then make the plaster in a bucket, 1/3 water and 2/3 plaster, and stir hard.  After making the plaster, pour it into the mold.  After that, wait for about 25 minutes for it to dry.  Then dig out your casting and marvel at your creation.


I really liked this activity since I had never done any kind of art like this before.  It was fun and I really want to do this again in the future.


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