Artist of Week 3: Francesca Woodman


Francesca Woodman was an American photographer who was best known for best known for her black and white pictures that featured herself and other female models.  Most of her photographs show young women who are nude, and the pictures are often blurred due to movement and long exposure times, merge with the surroundings, or have obscured faces.  Her work continues to be the subject of a lot of critical acclaim and attention, even years after she killed herself at the tender age of 22.

When I see Francesca Woodman’s art, I see a lot of similarities between her and Ana Mendieta, last week’s artist of the week.  Both of their works of art are similar in the way that they both express how they feel, whether it is about sadness and depression for Woodman, and feelings about nature, feminism, etc. for Mendieta.  They also present a lot of nudity in their art, which is hard to look at.  For Woodman, her art reflected her thoughts and what she felt.  Mendieta, on the other hand, reflected more about her values and what she thought was important.

download woodman     images (1)
After seeing some of the discussion and doing some research on Francesca Woodman, it was obvious that she was not a happy person.  And since she was obviously depressed and freely expressed it, I wonder why nobody tried to help her, which led to her suicide.


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