Week 4 Activity – Virtual Design

For this week, our activity was to make a 3D chair in a virtual world.  You can make any kind of chair, so there were no restrictions to what kind of chair you made.  There were many options on which programs to use, and I ended up using SketchUp, which had a free 30 day trial.

At first, it was hard and confusing to make anything, and I had to toy around with a bunch of the options first.  Eventually, I was able to make shapes and I made a chair after a while.  For my work in progress, I first made the seat and four legs of the chair.


Then I completed it by making the back of the chair.  Here is the finished product from two different angles.

20150620_172434[1]   20150620_172412[1]

After I made the chair, I put it on the CSULB campus in front of the rec center as you can see below.


I know it isn’t very clear, but it is in the very middle of the picture.  This assignment was probably the most challenging one so far this summer, and it took me a lot time doing it, but it was fun after I started getting the hang of it, and I might try doing this again sometime.


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