Artist of Week 5: Victorine Meurent


Victorine Meurent was a French painter who was also famously known as a model for painters, especially for painter Edouart Manet.  She was also an artist in her own right who would often have her art exhibited at the prestigious Paris Salon.

Victorine Meurent posed as a model for many of Manet’s paintings, but Meurent is credited as the artist for all of these.  In most nude paintings you see, most of the people have goddess-like bodies.  She is nude in a number of these, but she does not necessarily look like a goddess, but rather an ordinary human being who does not have a perfect body.  I think she is trying to say that she is no goddess, but rather a mortal person who has flaws, just like the rest of us.

I feel like as a society today, we all want to look perfect like the models we see in magazines and on T.V.


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