Week 6 Activity: Architecture and Urban Planning

This week, our activity was to be an architect in a way.  The activity asked us to walk around a neighborhood of your choice, take some pictures, and draw a map the way it is.  I chose the neighborhood I live, so I walked around the block and took some pictures first.

20150704_185932[1] 20150704_190332[1] 20150704_190503[1] 20150704_191103[1]

When I came back home, I drew a map of how it looked like.


As you can see, there are a lot of houses but there is a big park in the top left corner.  Then I changed it a bit and it turned out to look like this.


I tried to get rid of some of the houses and make more grassy fields, so I got rid of the houses in the middle and made a big grassy field there.  Now, instead of just having one park, there can be another park used for recreation sports for kids, or a school could be planted there too.


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