Week 8 Activity: Museum Visit


For this week’s activity, our assignment was to visit any art museum, and pick two works of art at the museum and compare and contrast them.  I decided to visit the Long Beach Museum of Art, since it’s around the Long Beach area so it’s close and convenient.  In the museum, there were a lot interesting pieces of art.  Here are the two I chose.

20150717_113012[1] 20150717_112906[1]

The one on the left is called Exploding Wall and the one on the right is called Too Many Names.  These two pieces of art are similar in that they are both really complicated and cover a big part of the walls they occupy.  They are both very detailed.

However, there is a lot more meticulous art in the Exploding Wall painting and there is also a lot more different colors in it.  In Too Many Names, it looks more like scribble scrabble than art.  It looks like a bunch of people wrote their names in it.


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