Week 10 Activity: Geocaching Activity

This week, we did our second game design activity, which required us to find a cache and also place a cache somewhere.  We had to install the Geocaching app and use it to look for geocaches around our area.  I thought I would have to go far to find one, but there were a few at a local park really close to my house.

The park isn’t too big and has a lot of open space, but it wasn’t so easy to find.  After looking at the coordinates, which were really accurate, I found it in some plants.


It was also an Altoids tin that looked the same as the one I was going to use.  Inside, I found some magnets.  There was also a sheet of paper that said it started on January 13, 2015, and there was nothing else after that.  I took out some of the magnets put some coins in them, but I forgot to take a picture of it


For my cache, I also put some coins in mine, which I did take a picture of this time.  On a slip of paper, I wrote the date, Art 110, and CSULB, so people know I’m LB student.  Now it was my turn to hide mine.  Since the park is so open, it was hard to find another spot.  I eventually decided to just place mine between a light pole next to a baseball field and a trash can.  It’s pretty clear in the open but it’s the best I could do.

20150801_174248[1]   20150801_174728[1]   20150801_174747[1]

This activity was more fun than I expected and it was a cool and fun experience.


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