Extra Credit Post

This class has been one of the most engaging and fun classes I’ve ever had, and I’m glad I took it this summer.  For extra credit, we were asked to answer some questions about the class.

  1. My 3 favorite activities were Painting (Legal Graffiti Writing), Ephermal Art (Snapchat), and Fine Photography (Landscapes w/ a Corpse).  For the Painting activity, I went out to Venice Beach and spray painted my name, which I had never done before and was a first, so that was pretty cool.  I liked the Snapchat activity because I like the app and it was fun to be able to use it for an activity.  For the photography activity, I liked it because I could be creative with it and it turned out to be fun.

2. My 3 least favorite activities would have to be the Game Design (3D VR Chair), Architecture & Urban Planning, and Game Design 2 (Location Based Gaming).  For the 3D Chair design, it was hard to figure out how to make a chair, and it took a long time and was frustrating.  For the architecture activity and the Geocaching activity, we had to go outside and explore the area and take notes.  I didn’t like those because I don’t like walking around for long periods of time, and they weren’t that fun and interesting to me.

3. I think Slack is much better than Beachboard, I think it’s a lot more straightforward and organized, plus it’s easier to use.  Although Slack was kind of hard to figure out how to use in the beginning, I figured it out quickly and I think it was good to use.

4. I think the art talks and artist of the week videos are perfect the way they are.  They usually aren’t that long, and provides enough information about the topic.  Overall, this is a really chill class and I’m glad I got to take it this summer.


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