Extra Credit Post

This class has been one of the most engaging and fun classes I’ve ever had, and I’m glad I took it this summer.  For extra credit, we were asked to answer some questions about the class.

  1. My 3 favorite activities were Painting (Legal Graffiti Writing), Ephermal Art (Snapchat), and Fine Photography (Landscapes w/ a Corpse).  For the Painting activity, I went out to Venice Beach and spray painted my name, which I had never done before and was a first, so that was pretty cool.  I liked the Snapchat activity because I like the app and it was fun to be able to use it for an activity.  For the photography activity, I liked it because I could be creative with it and it turned out to be fun.

2. My 3 least favorite activities would have to be the Game Design (3D VR Chair), Architecture & Urban Planning, and Game Design 2 (Location Based Gaming).  For the 3D Chair design, it was hard to figure out how to make a chair, and it took a long time and was frustrating.  For the architecture activity and the Geocaching activity, we had to go outside and explore the area and take notes.  I didn’t like those because I don’t like walking around for long periods of time, and they weren’t that fun and interesting to me.

3. I think Slack is much better than Beachboard, I think it’s a lot more straightforward and organized, plus it’s easier to use.  Although Slack was kind of hard to figure out how to use in the beginning, I figured it out quickly and I think it was good to use.

4. I think the art talks and artist of the week videos are perfect the way they are.  They usually aren’t that long, and provides enough information about the topic.  Overall, this is a really chill class and I’m glad I got to take it this summer.


Artist of Week 12: Andy Warhol


Andy Warhol was an American artist who was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on August 6, 1928, and died on February 22, 1987 at the age of 58.  A lot of his works explored the relationship between artistic expression, celebrity culture, and advertisements that flourished during the 1960s.  He started of his career as a successful commercial illustrator, he became a renowned but sometimes controversial artist.  His art used a lot of different types of media, including printmaking, painting, photography, film, music, etc.  In Pittsburgh, his hometown, he has a whole museum dedicated to him, called the Andy Warhol Museum.  It is the largest museum dedicated to one person.

Andy Warhol was not a one-dimensional artist.  He played around with a lot of different types of media.  He was a pioneer in computer-generated art by using Amiga computers that were introduced in 1984.  He also founded Interview Magazine, and was also the author of numerous books.  He also managed and produced the Velvet Underground, a rock band that had a strongly influenced the evolution of punk rock music.  He was also notably known as an openly gay man before the gay liberation movement.  His studio, The Factory, was a famous gathering place that gathered distinguished intellectuals, drag queens, Bohemian street people, Hollywood celebrities, etc.

aaaaaa   Warhol-Campbell_Soup-1-screenprint-1968

Before this week, I had already known a bit about Andy Warhol.  He is the only artist of the week who’s name I have heard of somewhere.  He is also famous for making more pieces of art than any other artist in history.  Warhol is also known for coining the phrase “15 minutes of fame.”  Some his films show something very simple, such as someone sleeping, but he depicts it as a form of art, and it turns out to be beautiful.  Some of his other pieces of art have sold for a lot, including a 1963 canvas called Silver Car Crash, which sold for $105 million.  His paintings are some of the most expensive ever sold.

Andy Warhol received some criticism for not being original, and doing “lazy art.”  I think that although he may have built some of his work off some other things, I think that his art is iconic because I have seen some of them before.  I don’t know how many times I’ve seen the can of Campbell’s soup because of Warhol.  I think he was one of the more interesting artists we’ve had and I’m glad he was our last artist of the week.

Week 11 Activity: Landscapes with a Corpse

This week, our assignment was to take a picture of ourself as a dead person with a landscape.  Where I live, we don’t have any great landscapes so it took me a while to figure out where to take a picture.  One day, when my family went to the park to play baseball, I decided to take a picture of me laying on the field dead.


I definitely had fun doing this activity, and never thought such a simple idea could be so interesting.

Artist of Week 11: Aaron Swartz


Aaron Swartz was born on November 8, 1986 in Chicago, Illinois, and died on January 11, 2013 in Brooklyn, New York.  He died by committing suicide by hanging.  He was an American computer programmer entrepreneur, writer, political organizer and Internet hacktivist.  He was also involved in the development of the web feed RSS, the website framework web.py, the Markdown Publishing, the organization Creative Commons, and the social news site Reddit, in which he became a partner after it merged with his company, Infogami.  At the time, he faced $1 million in fines and 35 years in prison.

Swartz also focused a lot of his work on civic awareness and activism.  In 2009, he helped launch the Progressive Change Campaign Committee to learn more about effective online activism.  In 2010, he became a research fellow at Harvard University’s Safra Research Lab on Institutional Corruption while being directed by Lawrence Lessig.  Swartz also founded the online group called Demand Progress, which was known for its campaign against the Stop Online Piracy Act.  On January 6, 2013, Swartz was arrested by MIT police for state breaking-and-entering charges after surreptitiously installing a computer in an Institute closet which he intended to systematically download academic journal articles from JSTOR.  Federal prosecutors would later charge him with two counts of wire fraud and 11 violations of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, and he received a maximum penalty of $1 million in fines and 35 years in prison, asset forfeiture, restitution, and supervised release.


Aaron Swartz doesn’t fit the prototype of an artist, but he was very artistic in the ways he did things.  In the present day, art can be defined in more and more ways and in some ways, Swartz did some things that were very artistic.  He was a very intelligent man and wanted to make the world a better place.

I have never really looked into hacking, but I always thought that it was bad and was done by evil and bad people.  However, Swartz hacked in a good way, to help people, and he stood up for what he believed in instead of hiding and being anonymous.  I can’t really relate to him, but I think what he did was right, because he stood up for himself and his beliefs.  He was an intelligent human being and it’s a shame he took his own life.

Week 10 Activity: Geocaching Activity

This week, we did our second game design activity, which required us to find a cache and also place a cache somewhere.  We had to install the Geocaching app and use it to look for geocaches around our area.  I thought I would have to go far to find one, but there were a few at a local park really close to my house.

The park isn’t too big and has a lot of open space, but it wasn’t so easy to find.  After looking at the coordinates, which were really accurate, I found it in some plants.


It was also an Altoids tin that looked the same as the one I was going to use.  Inside, I found some magnets.  There was also a sheet of paper that said it started on January 13, 2015, and there was nothing else after that.  I took out some of the magnets put some coins in them, but I forgot to take a picture of it


For my cache, I also put some coins in mine, which I did take a picture of this time.  On a slip of paper, I wrote the date, Art 110, and CSULB, so people know I’m LB student.  Now it was my turn to hide mine.  Since the park is so open, it was hard to find another spot.  I eventually decided to just place mine between a light pole next to a baseball field and a trash can.  It’s pretty clear in the open but it’s the best I could do.

20150801_174248[1]   20150801_174728[1]   20150801_174747[1]

This activity was more fun than I expected and it was a cool and fun experience.

Artist of Week 10: Vanessa Blaylock


Vanessa Blaylock is a performance artist who does a lot of work with virtual art.  She was born on April 25, 1969 in Washington D.C. and grew up in the Georgetown area.  In 1991, she earned her Bachelor in Fine Arts in choreography from Hong Kong Academy of the Performing Arts, School of Dance.  In 1998, she earned her Masters in Fine Arts in New Media from Koninklijk Conservatorium, The Hague in the Netherlands.  She is currently a faculty member at Erasmus University of Rotterdam, and teaches New Media Arts.

I looked at her website, and her art is in a few categories she puts her art under.  Some of the names are called VB Selfies, .Re/act, .Re/search, World.ninja, and many more.  I like her VB Selfies category piece the best, since it basically consists of different types of people living different lives in different worlds with different roles.


I feel like a lot of her art is a her expressing herself through using an avatar to express something she feels or what she wants to feel.  I feel like a lot of her art has to do with protesting, such as the one when she looks like a punk and wears a shirt with the words Pussy Riot on it.  She was protesting about the time when three of the five members of the band were arrested for protesting the campaign for Vladimir Putin after a performance at the Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Moscow.  In this piece, she is protesting what she think is wrong with the world.

bruh hair

I don’t really see how I can relate to Blaylock, I don’t really do any art on my own, let alone virtual world art.  I’ve also never participated in any protests or anything similar.  As far as wanting different identities goes, I have thought about it but not really wanted to.

Week 9 Activity: Automatic Drawing

This week’s activity asked us to do an automatic drawing, which I thought was pretty interesting, because I have never done anything like this until this week.  I know that this is a kind of surreal art, which we learned a bit about in the Art Talk this week.  Here is a picture of me drawing.


I put my pencil on the paper and let it move by itself.  At first, it stayed put and would not move a single bit, but after I waited a while, it did indeed start moving and my result didn’t look too bad.


Although it does look like something a child drew, it’s a result of my automatic drawing.  This drawing is a type of surrealism, the subconscious state of mind.  I think this week’s activity is one of the more simpler and interesting ones.  I wouldn’t mind doing this again sometime.